G2 follows GMP quality standards and we are continuously improving our procedures and processes in order to achieve the highest quality for our customers. With over 40 years experience as a key supplier to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, we are well positioned to meet these rigorous standards, reducing cost and time for our customers and giving them a competitive advantage.

Our commitment to supplying superior quality, uniformity and security for our products is due largely to our self-sufficient in-house capabilities, featuring the latest technologies in computerized structural and graphic design, digital art, copy proofing and computer-to-plate imaging. Our raw materials, such as board, inks and adhesives, comply with the most rigid industry standards.

Through our ongoing commitment to quality, we ensure 100% accurate proofing – from approved artwork to print – every single time, resulting in repeatability without compromise.

We believe that technology and efficiency go hand in hand. State-of-the-art technology combined with impeccable service explains why our clients place their valued products in our trust.

Our operating procedures ensure the highest level of production. These procedures include employee training on pharmaceutical control procedures, line clearance, lot segregation, approval protocols, health and hygiene procedures, document control, inspection, proper cleaning and pest control. Our customers can count on a very secure facility, with restricted access to authorized personnel.

Our quality engagement